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Technology Endorsement for Educators

Introduction and Description
The Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP) is a professional development program provided by Washington County School District's (WCSD) Department of Technology in cooperation with Utah Education Network (UEN), the Southwest Educational Development Center (SEDC), and Southern Utah University (SUU). Leading to a Utah State Board of Education (USBE) level endorsement in Educational Technology, the program consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours.

The focus of the program is to integrate digital teaching and learning into the classroom and curriculum. Most of the pedagogy and elective courses involve hands-on learning. The nine core courses of the program provide the essential technical knowledge and skills all teachers of WCSD should have. All courses are research-based and contain components that focus on philosophy and learning theory surrounding technology integration as well as teacher leadership roles regarding technology training, skill development and selecting technology for the classroom and the school.

Successful participants must take the core ETEP courses offered throughout the school year. They must also complete a minimum of six credit hours of courses that address technology pedagogy and up to an additional three hours of technology related courses for a combined total of at least nine credits.. Participants must also create a classroom digital presence. Credit earned in the program can also be used for salary steps upon completion of the endorsement.

Enrolling in ETEP
For the 2017-2018 school year WCSD Technology and Professional Development have teamed up to offer site-based and district-wide cohorts consisting of  participants who have elected to participate. Each cohort is limited to twenty-five participants.  Because interest in the program is so high enrollment is based on application date and a selection process. Applications for the ETEP program are collected via a Google form. Here is a link to the 2017-2018 District-Wide Cohort Application.

ETEP Courses
Course requirements are outlined below. Most of our courses are provided through a blended online format through the District's PowerSchool Learning site. PowerSchool Unified Classroom is an online teaching and learning system. Each course is offered in terms of semester hours, and each semester hour is equivalent to 15 hours of class time and approximately 15 hours of assignment time. Courses are taught by the WCSD technology staff, SEDC training staff, and UEN training staff.

Endorsement Core Classes
The linked list of courses are required, and they are taught on afternoons/evenings throughout the school year.  Each course is worth one credit hour. These courses make up the core of the technology endorsement and include a focus on educational theory and pedagogy as it relates to integrating technology into the curriculum. The sequence begins in August and ends in  May. An individual can take all nine cohort courses within a school year's period of time. Participants are encouraged to take the courses in the sequence offered. Here is a link to the list of ETEP Core courses.

Technology Pedagogy Component
Most courses offered by the WCSD Technology Department, UEN, and SEDC meet the classification requirements for a pedagogy course. Courses that do not meet the pedagogy requirement are those courses that focus on learning an application without any kind of focus on how the application can be directly used in instruction. LearnKey courses do not qualify as pedagogy courses.

LearnKey Courses and Elective Component
LearnKey courses are online courses offered by both UEN and WCSD that utilize LearnKey's OnlineExpert Web Based Courseware. These courses do not contain pedagogy related content and must count as elective courses. Only three elective courses will count towards the total of eighteen total credits required for the technology endorsement. Participants must acquire prior approval in order for the course to count towards the endorsement. To sign up for a WCSD LearnKey course, contact Tony Campbell at the District Office.

Other courses that may count for ETEP are offered by SUU, Utah State and U of U. These same institutions also offer the complete ETEP program. Educational technology related courses taken after earning your bachelors degree may count towards the ETEP. They must be 5000 level or above and taken within the last three years of filing for the ETEP Endorsement. The Utah Educational Network (UEN) also offers a number of courses that will count towards the ETEP; some are face-to-face while others are online. Check with the cohort instructor to determine if other courses taken qualify. All courses must show up on a college transcript of an accredited institution.

Online Presence / Electronic Portfolio
The final component to the WCSD ETEP is that every person who receives the endorsement has created an online presence that supports their educational assignment. Using PowerSchool Learning, or creating a website, are the easiest solutions. PowerSchool Learning is the preferred online presence because it allows for participants to have a classroom website, and at the same time have a location to post an electronic portfolio. An electronic portfolio is not required but encouraged.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or just need additional information, please contact Tony Campbell, Digital Teaching and Learning Coordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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