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Student Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Student with Laptop

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) increases the amount of technology available in the classroom, giving the students more hands-on access to technology devices for learning.

  • Intermediate, middle school and high school students are allowed to bring their own mobile technology devices to school.

  • Student participation in BYOD is optional.  

Campus BYOD Start Dates

Campuses may not start BYOD on the first day of school.  Your child's campus or teacher will indicate when it is appropriate to begin bring student-owned devices to class.

BYOD Parent/Guardian Information Sessions

In Fall 2015, WCSD in conjunction with your school will hold a number of information sessions for parents, guardians, and interested community members.  The slides from these presentations are posted below.


BYOD Information for Students & Parents/Guardians


BYOD Parent Guardian Presentation

Presentation slides from Fall 2015 parent/guardian information sessions

WCSD BYOD Parent Guardian Presentation


BYOD Student Instructions - Connect to WCSD WiFi

Instructions for students on connecting their personal mobile device to the WCSD wireless network

Wireless Instructions


BYOD Student & Parent Guide 2015-2016

Describes the Bring Your Own Device program in detail, including guidelines for the responsible use of a personal mobile device and the district's wireless network

BYOD Student and Parent Guide


BYOD Student Guidelines 2015-2016

13 BYOD guidelines that student are expected to follow.  (These guidelines are a condensed version of the BYOD Student & Parent Guide, which is linked above.)

BYOD Student Guidelines 2015-2016

BYOD Mobile Device Chart

Describes many mobile devices, their features, and how they can be used for learning

BYOD Mobile Device Chart


Helping Your Student Prepare for BYOD

Suggestions for making sure your student is comfortable using his/her personal mobile device before bringing it to school.  Precautions for keeping the device safe at school.

Helping Your Student Prepare for BYOD


Are Students Connected to WCSD WiFi?

Screenshots of WiFi symbols and 3G/4G symbols that indicate whether a device is connected to WCSD's wireless network or to a personal 3G/4G data connection

Are Students Connected to WCSD WiFi


Additional pages will be created as content is developed.  Pages should include professional development and other concepts related to BYOD


Presentation Links:

BYOD short on Youtube:  https://youtu.be/SSXyfX8ABhA



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